HAUNTED "Muscogee Cemetary"
                 Many say it's haunted by a hanged woman.  The legend says if you sit in the cemetery and blink your car lights three times you can see the woman's body hanging and hear her scream.  The True History of the Cemetary .....
The Cemetary sits just a few yards from the Perdido River which over flows into the cemetary during hurricanes and severe rains.  Once the burial grounds of Seminol indians then the families of near by City of Muscogee, a very small and very poor sawmill town, a town owned by the owner of the mill. Whites and blacks are also said to be buried side by side at the old site. Many will tell you the ground was never hallowed by a minister, that is why the dead are not at rest. Only a few graves remain most have been vandalized over the years by satanic groups that believe in the legends that haunt this horribly sad grave site. Personally I can not visit this cemetary with shedding many tears for all the lost and forgotten souls that seem to wonder alone there.  Several of the graves have sunken in with age and flooding, many have been dug into.  There are many only marked with piles of brick and stones, But you decide for yourself. Examine the many pictures shown here and see if you don't also shed a few tears for the lost lives and lost memories that this town has forgotten. The town of Muscogee is no longer there it is merely a small area of what is now known as Cantonment Fl.
The Ghoul of Whitmire Cemetery

Date: February 23, 1958
Place: Johnson/Whitmire Rd. in Ferry Pass  Area
          Pensacola, Florida

West Florida had its own real life flesh and bone horror story in the late 1950s. The Ghoul of Whitmire Cemetery conjured a rash of hysteria and ill-ease prompting local families to lock their doors and protect their children in an era when area folk lived in sheltered peace. On February 23, 1958 Pensacola’s age of innocence officially ended. A Ferry Pass woman visiting Whitmire noticed that the coffin of a 14-year-old girl was opened. Another grave violation occurred in the old Roberts Cemetery near Gull Point in 1957. Although no sexual molestation was proven, rumors quickly spread that the Whitmire Ghoul was a necrophiliac, or someone with a morbid fascination with corpses. The girls body wasn't just mutilated, her breasts were eaten off and body parts were missing. At the time, police were hush-hush, but rumors spread like wildfire. Large slabs were lifted—resulting in gossip that the ghoul had supernatural strength. The macabre intruder ultimately struck four times, three at the Ferry Pass resting place.
The Whitmore Cemetery Ghoul case has been one of this area’s more infamous unsolved cases for over 50 years. Kids desecrated the haunt in the ‘60s and ‘70s; however, that’s nothing compared to the emotional outrage that flared in 1958. Old-timers still mull over the sick-and-twisted tale of the grave robbing deviant.
When I, (Alice, The Halloween Nut ) was a child the story of the Ghoul at Whitmire Cemetery gave me nightmares. How do you explain to a five year old what a Ghoul is? It had to be explained because I could not go any place without over hearing grownups whispering about it.  The worst part was this story was real, only I believe the (Ghoul) man was caught. My husband grew up in a part of Pensacola called Brownsville, and I grew up just a few blocks from the same area, and just a few blocks from my husband's childhood home lived a stranger, a man that was arrested and taken to jail after the Sheriff's Office searched the man's home and found body parts all over the house in jars, the man also claimed to be a Ghoul. After which the grave robbing Ghoul disappeared from Pensacola. Not only that, a dear friend of ours, an elderly lady now, knows of the story of the Ghoul of Whitmire Cemetery very well, the young girl who's grave was opened and who's body was mutilated was a childhood friend of hers.  Till this day she continues to have nightmares of that horrible event.
Bones have surfaced to the top at Muscogee Cemetery
Limestone rocks and old bricks are piled up to cover old graves, many are sunken in also.
The Haunted
St. Michael's Cemetery

St Michael's Cemetery is one of the oldest Cemetery's in Florida.  Many urban legends have surrounded this cemetery for generations. One such legend is about a small child......
Years ago the cemetery was open, not surrounded by a fence. There was a small road that went straight down the middle, that was a short cut at that time for the people that lived in the area. The legend goes that a young girl child would be seen wandering down the road late at night. People would stop to try and help the lost little girl, they would ask her if she was lost. She would answer yes, the witnesses would open the car door and let the little girl inside, in hopes of taking her home to her parents safety. Only when the car would leave the cemetery the child would disappear from the car.
There is also a blue ball of light that drift around the headstones late at night, it has been seen by city police officer and prisoners in the old city jail that sat next door to the cemetery.
The cemetery is now considered a historical site, and  walking tours can be taken, it sits next door to the Pensacola Civic Center downtown Pensacola, Florida. There is a gate now to keep cars from driving through and night walkers inside.
www.stmichaelscemetery.org     official web site
www.uwf.edu/gis/smc    arial photos, etc. University of West Florida
http://geocities.com/pcolacemetery/page2.html   photos & info.
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